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Thursday, April 19, 2018

More wildflowers and unknowns...

At Walnut Island River Park, north of Asheville NC, we found these...
Some interesting yellow blooms were off in the woods on either side of the park.

Even enlarging and darkening a bit doesn't tell me what they are definitely. (Except it's not the season for Goldenrod)
The little run is between Walnut Island on the left and a nicely mowed area along the bank on the right.

An enhanced buttercup, I had to darken it in order to see the details of yellow on yellow within the flower.

Violets again eveywhere, notice those heart shaped leaves.  You do know you can eat the blooms, don't you?

 The little white with blue in center are probably a violet also.  But the white star shaped ones on the right are Chickweed

Helen held a Chickweed to show me how each petal is just split which gives it the look of 10 petals...sorry about blurry shot.

But these little hot pink goodies were very few, and very bright! No leaves came with them, and they were kind of like an orchid or pea in the petal configuration. There were only a very few of them among mossy ground, but not near the river. And of course the whole area has either been sodded or seeded with grass, so it could be a hitch-hiker from anywhere.  Anyone know what they are?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Enjoying nature, and need some help on identifications

 Looking back up to the entrance to Walnut Island River Park from Hwy 251 north of Asheville NC

Looking toward the French Broad River through the picnic area, I wondered that those leaning trees are still there, but one has fallen into the water if you look closer.

Tree in foreground has lots of seed pod thingies hanging in the wind, while new leaves have started to open.

If you know what this tree is I'd love to know.
A rocky area made last summer probably for small swimmers.

Helen and I were disappointed to not see any ducks or geese this visit.  But I did see some egg shells under one tree, courtesy of someone who had eggs for breakfast.  They didn't look big enough for a goose and being under a tree, could have come out of a tree nest rather than a goose nest which would be on the ground.

The little entrance from the highway comes down at a slope, and we almost passed it this time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Greening of the Mountains

This lovely view
 has not been retouched.
This is what sometimes happens
when you're waiting in a drive-thru 
for coffee on a partly cloudy
Saturday morning and
look up at Big Windy mountain
from the Swannanoa Valley
and there are colors again!

I'm really thrilled!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Potters of Madison County

Last Saturday we took a little trip up to Marshall, NC.  It's a little old river town, and there are studios in the old island high school.  I guess kids are bussed to another newer school these days.

Before I left I looked over at Big Windy, one of the mountains across the Swannanoa Valley.  There's the artistic beginning of green moving up the mountains, known locally as "the greening of the mountains."

 There were some wonderful wood fired and salt fired wares on display.
Friend Cathy connected with her old friend Becka Lloyd, both having been at Haywood Community College several years ago...and that's Becka's beautiful scragfitto ware on display.

 Charlie Teff (looking down in background) paints lovely animals on his wares, then sprays an ash glaze in a nice denim blue around them. 
 There was quite a crowd when we first arrived, and many people were making purchases.
My Zuma lunch was one of the best salads I've ever had, mmm!

These were our favorite pots, all raku ware, with a lovely little copper wire twisted around them for a nice accent.  One of the few out-of-state potters that were there this year.

Link (added later) to my other blog where I show the Allen House in Marshall, and mention Vicki Lane's upcoming book (I hope).

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Meow, some new cat mugs...

Who wants one?

These are for sale on Face Book (or here on the blog if you prefer) first come first sold, directions at the end of the post.

Number 1
Downward facing cat, white stoneware, safe in dishwasher, microwave and food of course. $45

Number 2

Cutie cat mug, $45 inside glaze is satin white, outside is matt clear, with hand painted cat.

Number 3

For a cat lover who knows you never can get away from me! $45

And a sleeping curled up kitty who might prefer not to drink a beverage to wake up! $45

Sales are to first to comment here or on FB, whichever is dated first with the choice of which mug you want.  Pay through credit card with my Square account.   If we do it through my email it's more secure.  So email requests will also be in the running.  I've not tried this before, so I'm hoping this will work.  Shipping costs will be included to US addresses. To be shipped within 3 days. is the address for email sales.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

A new bowl...where can I put all this pottery?

Get out the bubble wrap and tupperware tubs!

My Easter/spring celebration
Opps, here's another one...

 I enjoy these looser forms, especially the creativity they pull out of me.

Today's quote:

Everyone needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike.
John Muir