Thursday, September 21, 2017

Last of summer

Pat Levi, one of my Mud Buddy friends, had this lovely bouquet with flowers from her own garden, for sale at the Tailgate market a few weeks ago.  I've recently become enamored by Dahlias.  Just look at that variegated yellow and red blossom!

As we braced for whatever remained of Hurricane Irma by the time she reached us, and had lovely weather that Saturday, I invited a neighbor to drive with me up to my favorite overlook (Tanbark Ridge) on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Everyone had their camera phones out!  This overlook is just a 45 minute drive from my home.

 We enjoyed a sunny spot until it got too hot.  Even the cool weather couldn't combat the sun.
Anthony's apartment is across the way from mine so we've been neighbors for the last year or so. But this was the first chance we've taken to get to know each other at all. He's a nice Italian guy from Ohio.

We reflected on how these mountains have withstood weather of all kinds, so would probably not be affected much by the winds and rains that might be coming in a few days.

There had been a relay race earlier, so many van loads of runners stopped by as they drove to the gathering place several miles further down the parkway.  We finally started asking them where they were from, and the teams we asked were from various places in North Carolina.

 One family had lots of pictures taken of themselves.  We guessed they were from India.  Actually the father is now a grad-student at UNC Chapel Hill.

This little card showing Hanuman was in the front window of their car (with a lot of reflection off the glass) I asked about some of the Hindu goddesses I'd heard about.  The teen daughter knew more than the mom, but the father was off talking to Anthony and posing for selfies, so I didn't find out his opinions.

Here's a better image of Hanuman.

Thanks for stopping by...I shared a silly face just before driving home. No we hadn't had any alcohol, yet!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Words for Wednesday

Some words just hit you, and these 4 have imbedded themselves into my psyche such that I'm painting them on the sides of bowls and vases lately.

My question that I keep pondering is, what's the difference between a caretaker and a caregiver?

And then I think of how different things/people are precious to different people.  Who do you caretake, or caregiver? or what?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Early Fall views

The mums are next to one of my donated basil plants.  I just harvested 6 of the larger ones to give away.

Tailgate Market in Black Market keeps on until the end of Oct.  

My favorite place to purchase fresh caught and trucked in from the Outer Banks...brain food!

The Lavender still is lovely in front of Lake Tomahawk on a cloudy day.

For some strange goose reason, these Canada Geese decide to take off while some others keep foraging in the grass.  I love how they talk to each other as they fly over my rooftop in the early or late hours of the day, saying probably "Drakie, you should have taken a left back at that tree, not a right, you never ask for directions!"

Monday, September 18, 2017

Art needs value

Featuring another blog.
I have often been inspired, or at least received good insights into the business side of being an artist, by Alyson Stanfield, and so today I'd like to share a blog she posted earlier in the month. HERE.

For one thing....

Arts have value...

Artists have value...

She talks about how artists skimp on themselves, HERE.

I also think I'll feature other blogs my blog readers (both of you!) can see something delightful or inspiring.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Don't worry, bee happy!

No matter what's going on in the world today, she's on a zinnia in August, just bee-ing happy.

My favorite honey sellers and raisers, Bee Tree Honey of Swannanoa, told me all these pollenators are female...that the drones are male, but the workers are female.  What do you know about that!

I'm running a new schedule, "Sunday Summertime" to post a summertime photo on the third Sunday of each month...which is hope that we will enjoy the color and memories of warmth throughout the winter as well!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Lakeside neighbors

A new home has been in the works during this summer, and is nearing completion.
It overlooks the lake in the view below.

I call this Confederate Jasmin, not the thorny branch, but the white flowers.  Can you smell them?

Lake Tomahawk is kind of my home base these days.  I gladly share it with the tourists and dogs (and their walkers) and children (when they're not in school these days.)  But nobody ever goes boating on it, though there are occasional fishermen sitting along the shore.  There's a little boat ramp, but it is pretty small and shallow over most of the lake, so even a canoe ride is pretty dull.

I'm offering this post to Sepia Saturday, though I'm sorry the only connection is the water...not very sepia.
I did post some really old (1904) photos of a great aunt and her "skiff" and some fishing folks on my old blog HERE, in case you'd like to find out more about that Sepia Saturday post.

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